Government of Himachal Pradesh

Department of Horticulture


eUdyan-Integrated Horticulture Sector Management System (IHSMS)
Citizen Charter
Our Vision
Prosperous Himachal through Scientific and Sustainable development of Horticulture.
Our Mission
Scientific and integrated development of horticulture through implementation of programmes of crop productivity improvement, crop protection, post harvest management, marketing and processing for economic prosperity of farming community in the State.
Services Offered
We deliver the following Services:
  • 1.Supply of improved/quality plant material.
  • 2.Training of farmers.
  • 3.Technical advisory services.
  • 4.Grant of license for Registration of fruit nurseries.
  • 5.Advisory service on Plant nutrition through leaf analysis.
  • 6.Community Canning service.
  • 7.Grant of subsidy on horticulture inputs/ activities.
  • 8.Supply of quality horticulture inputs.
  • 9.Other ancillary activities like Floriculture, Beekeeping, Mushroom cultivation and Fruit processing
Services Standards
Our Aim Is To achieve the following Services quality Parameters:
Sr. No. Services Services/Performance Standards Contact Detail of the Responsible Officer Weightage Process Document Required Fee
1 Supply of improved/quality plant material Response within 60 days after receipt of application. Supply from Registered fruit nurseries at departmental rates. Production of quality plant material as per "Standard Operating Procedures" SMS/HDO/HEO in concerned block 18% Priority is set after receipt of application duly filled and complete in all respects on first come first serve basis. Prescribed Application & Bond form1 duly filled up and complete in all respects. Nil
Winter Season Plants Receipt of application up to 31th October
Rainy Season Plants Receipt of application up to 30th April
2 Training and capacity building
a. Training of Farmers in Nursery raising, Fruit cultivation, Floriculture, Apiculture, Mushroom Cultivation and fruit and vegetable processing
Response within 30 days after receipt of application As per ‘Training Manual’ SMS/HDO/HEO in concerned Block SMS (Training) at Directorate Shimla 18% Scrutiny of application complete in all respects and prioritization on first come first serve basis. Application on prescribed format, passport size photo, Himachali and category certificate. Nil
b. Capacity building of staff As per ‘Training Manual’
3 Technical advisory services at Office/ farm level Immediately or Within 7 days after receipt of request SMS/HDO/HEO in concerned Block 18% Request is dealt with on first come first serve basis. Request on plain paper Nil
4 Grant of license for Registration/Renewal of Fruit Nurseries 45 days after receipt of application complete in all respects. In accordance with ‘The Himachal Pradesh Fruit Nurseries Registration Act 1973’ Competent Authority/ SMS (NIC)/HDO Directorate Shimla. 15% As per procedure laid down under ‘The Himachal Pradesh fruit Nurseries Registration Rules’.. Application on prescribed format for Registration /Renewal duly filled and complete in all respect attached with Old expired license if any and inspection report of concerned HDO block Rs.100/- Through treasury challan
5 Advisory service on Plant nutrition through leaf analysis 120 days after receipt of sample from farmer as per Specified Procedure Senior Analytical Officer at Directorate and Incharges of Concerned labs 10% Application to Officer at block/centre on prescribed format along with healthy leaf samples. Nil Nil
6 Community Canning services 20 days after receipt of Raw material Incharge of concerned Fruit Canning Unit 8% Receipt of raw material in good condition along-with other required material like sugar, salt, spices etc. Products are prepared on first come first serve basis. Request on plain paper Nominal Charges as approved from time to time
7 Supply of Horticulture inputs Receipt of application for demand of inputs upto 31st May SMS/HDO/ HEO of Concerned Block 6% Supply of inputs will be made subject to availability of budget Prescribed application form duly filled up and complete in all respect attached with prescribed Bond form. Nil
8 Grant of subsidy on inputs/ horticulture activities 30 days after satisfactory field verification of completion of approved works SMS concerned /Deputy Director Horticulture of concerned district 7% Complete subsidy case with Recommendation by the SMS/HDO at Block. Release of subsidy in payees account through NEFT/RTGS Complete case with bill vouchers, photographs NOC etc. along-with Recommendation by SMS/ HDO Block. Nil
Availability Of Information:
Information on the following subjects can be obtained from the officers listed below:
Sr. No. Information Name Of the officer Designation Located at Contact No.
1 Supply Of Input   SMS/HDO/HEO Block HQ  
2 Training Of Farmers   SMS/HDO/HEO Block HQ  
3 Technical advisory Services   SMS/HDO/HEO Block HQ  
4 Grant For License For Nursery Registration   SMS(Nursery Inspection & Certification) Directorate Shimla  
5 Leaf Analysis   Incharge Plant Nutrition /Sr. Analytical Officer District/Directorate  
6 Community Canning Services   Incharge Fruit Canning Unit/fruit Technologist District/Directorate Level  
7 Grant Of Subsidy On Inputs/Activities   DDH/SMS/HDO District/Block Level  

Courteous and helpful service will be extended by all the staff. Any complaints with respect to the delivery of the above service standards are welcome. In case of non compliance of the service standards, you are welcome to register your complaints with the following Public Grievance Officers:

  • At HEO Level- Respective HDO at Block level
  • At Block Level- Respective SMS of Sub division
  • At District Level-Respective DDH at District level
  • The grievance can also be lodged on‐line on the following link:
    Website Address:
  • Helpline no. 0177-2842773 (Ext. 203) (During office hours 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM).
  • All Complaints will be acknowledged by us within 3 working days and final reply on the action taken will be communicated within 15 working days.
  • Complaints can also be lodged online through State Government portal e-samadhan.

In case the grievance is not redressed, finally the same can be taken up at higher level to the following nodal authority. The timeline for redressal of grievance at Nodal Officer level is 30 working days.

Nodal Officer at State Level
  • Name & Designation: Joint Director Of Horticulture
  • Address: Directorate Of Horticulture,Shimla-2
  • Tel no:0177-2841309/2842773(Ext.207)
  • Mobile no:9418045516
Sr. No. Main Stakeholders
1. All service users of the Department of Horticulture
2. Farmers’ associations and Cooperatives, NGOs, SHGs
3. All Officers and Staff members of  Department of Horticulture
4. Government of  Himachal Pradesh
5. Government of  India- Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation
6. Government of  HP Undertakings:HP Horticulture Produce Marketing and Processing Corporation (HPMC), HP Agro Industries Corporation (HPAIC), National Horticulture Board (NHB), HIMFED, other financial institutions, Insurance companies and other apex agencies concerned.
7. University of Horticulture and Forestry,  Nauni ,Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya, Palampur
8. All suppliers of Horticulture inputs and Pesticides

Sr. No.

Responsibility Centers & Subordinate Organization

Name and Address

Tel. no.



State Level

Jt. Director Hort. Directorate of Horticulture, Shimla-2



North Zone level

Additional Director Horticulture




District levels

DDH at Respective District HQs.




Block levels

SMS/HDO at respective Block HQs.




HEO levels

HEO at respective Hort. Extension centre




Fruit Processing

Incharge at Respective Fruit Canning Unit




Fruit Plant Nutrition

Senior Analytical Officer, Directorate of Horticulture, Navbahar, Shimla-2




Plant Protection / Nursery Inspection & Certification

Competent Authority Directorate of Horticulture, Navbahar, Shimla-2




Mushroom Cultivation

SMS (Mushroom) at respective Mushroom Units





SMS (Beekeeping)at Respective Zone


Indicative Expectations from Service Recipients/Stakeholders:

Citizen Charter is a joint effort between us and you to improve the quality of Service provided by us. For this, we seek your cooperation on the following:

Sr. No.

Expectations from Service Recipients/Stakeholders


The citizens are requested to fill up the application form(s) carefully along with all the requisite documents/ fee so as to process their cases expeditiously.


Feedback may be provided on the pros and cons of the schemes, to improve the service quality standards, to maintain transparency and to make it citizen friendly.   


Timely completion of activities/ project/ scheme so as to enable us to release subsidy within the stipulated time line.


It may be ensured that the services are used for bonafide purposes.


If anything goes wrong, please immediately contact concerned local officer of the Department as indicated.


For farm practices, the schedule recommended by the department/ package of practices released by the State University should be followed.

Consultation with Users/Stakeholders:
  • We Welcome Suggestion From our Users
  • We hold periodical review meetings at district level with users/ user representatives and you may associate with this. For this, please contact Deputy Director Horticulture of the respective district.

Deputy Director

Phone No.

Deputy Director of Horticulture, Bilaspur


Deputy Director of Horticulture, Shimla


Deputy Director of Horticulture, Kullu


Deputy Director of Horticulture, Chamba


Deputy Director of Horticulture, Hamirpur


Deputy Director of Horticulture, Kangra


Deputy Director of Horticulture, Mandi


Deputy Director of Horticulture, Sirmour


Deputy Director of Horticulture, Solan


Deputy Director of Horticulture, Una


Deputy Director of Horticulture, Kinnaur


Deputy Director of Horticulture, Lahaul Spiti


Guide Book /Hand Book:

The department has published literature on various Schemes, procedures to be followed, and quantum of assistance available with eligibility conditions. These publications are available free of cost at the Customer Information Centre, Horticulture Information Division, Directorate of Horticulture, Navbahar, Shimla-2 Ph. No. 0177-2842773 (Ext. 203), Fax. 0177-2842389; Email:

Customers may also contact, Deputy Director Horticulture (Information) for any query  at  No. 0177-2842390 In addition to the above, information is available on website

Our Commitment:

We are committed to constantly revise and improve the services under the Charter to make it participative and inclusive in consultations with our service users.

Thanks for giving us an opportunity to serve you. Let us join hands in making this charter a success.