Government of Himachal Pradesh

Department of Horticulture


eUdyan-Integrated Horticulture Sector Management System (IHSMS)
Programmes and Schemes
Horticulture Development Activities:- The State Department of Horticulture presently has mandate for carrying out the activities relating to production and post harvest management of fruit crops, commercial floriculture, apiculture, mushrooms, hops, herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants. The vegetable cultivation, though an integral part of horticulture, is however, presently being managed under control of the State Agriculture Department.
Additional Central Assistence Scheme Rashtriya Vikas Yojna
Schemes and Programmes Implimented by Plant protection Directorrate Of Horticulture,HP
Development Of Beekeeping
Development of Mushroom
Fruit Processing
Incentives And Subsidies